Looking for dual tuners and whether I can have two dual tuners on FreeView, giving four tuners. My current Hauppauge cards never ran under 64bit Vista... not sure if this has changed or not.

I am looking to order Windows 7 Home Premium and want to ensure that I have the relevant tuners cards also.

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I use a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-TD 500 Dual Digital under Vista64 and I've had absolutely no problems with it - worked pretty much straight out of the box. Haven't tried sticking two cards in though.


In my opinion, the HDHomeRun is the best dual tuner HD tv tuner for Vista Media Center. I am in the US and use the US version but there is a version for European markets that can get free over the air and unencrypted cable channels:


The one problem is that it will only work with unencrypted channels. It works great with Media Center and is a snap to install.

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