linux vps , input video "phoenix.mkv" blueray quality

I want convert it

Video Quality : youtube 720p

Audio Quality : "MONO" , "libfaac" , "bitrate 112"

Output File : "output.mp4" or AnyFormat

While converting i also want to watch / stream the output via VLC.

How we can do this ??

Already searching found some example for that

ffmpeg -r 25 -i input_file -c:v libx265 -preset ultrafast -x265-params crf=23 -strict experimental -f mpegts udp://

But the video output not looks like youtube 720 and output not saved to file.

Thank you. :)


Try the tee muxer. Untested example:

ffmpeg -re -i input -map 0 -c:v libx265 -preset ultrafast -crf 23 -c:a aac -f tee "[f=mpegts]udp://|[f=nut]pipe:" | vlc -

If your ffmpeg is not outdated you can use -crf 23 instead of -x265-params crf=23 and omit -strict experimental.

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