I currently have a setup with 3 monitors: one connected via DVI, one via HDMI and one via DisplayPort (because these are the three connectors on my graphics card).

I configured them correctly using nvidia-settings and saved the config to the X configuration file (after running nvidia-settings with root to do this).

When I disconnect the DisplayPort-connected monitor the positions change: It doesn't show up in nvidia-settings anymore and when I reconnect it its position is reset. The other two monitors (HDMI, DVI) still show up in nvidia-settings when I turn them off.

The problem is that I have a power switch that controls all three monitors and the one that's connected to DisplayPort always seems to be the last one to connect to the pc (regardless of which monitor I connect with DisplayPort).

How can I reconfigure my X-Server (or Xfce if that's the issue) to put the third monitor in the correct position when reconnecting them?


  • Arch Linux with X11, lightdm and Xfce
  • Nvidia GTX-750Ti <code>nvidia-settings</code>
  • If anybody else runs into this problem: Connecting the third monitor with a DVI-DisplayPort-Adapter (where the DVI connector is at the monitor side) that I had lying around helped, but I would not consider buying hardware a solution to (what I think is) a software problem. – Max Matti Mar 6 '18 at 21:56

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