I just got DirecTV. It worked for a day, but now the TV video constantly skips 1/2 second, then plays 1 second. Also, the bottom 5th of the screen is solid green. The audio does not skip.

I tried to do "Set up TV signal" (in Media Center) - but I get an error. See the post I just made here titled "Error - “IR Hardware not detected” - but it’s installed/working."

Thanks for your help.


This is a Media Center issue. There is no pausing when I use Pinnacle's TVCenterPro (which I just discovered it came with.

My cookie here got deleted, and when I tried to login/forgot/restore cookie it doesn't know my e-mail address. Maybe I mistyped it. So I couldn't add this as a comment above.

I made a new post, "Media Center - TV constantly pauses 1/2 second then plays 1 second" which is much more complete. A superuser can delete this one.


The solution at Media Center setup won't complete for watching TV solved this problem too.

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