Is there a way to automatically whitelist all Mircosoft Store Apps without the need to mess with the access permissions of Program Files > WindowsApps folder?

Of course you can add every single .exe file to the whitelist, but for that one has to mess around with the access permissions of the above mentioned folder. Which looks a bit like that:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

I am able to get access to that folder, but I'm not comfortable to do so. Should I gain access and add those .exe files to the whitelist (EDIT: UWP apps don't possess .exe files as pointed out by Ramhound.) that way?

EDIT: So my original question is answered, because it just doesn't make sense to whitelist the Program Files > WindowsApps folder with a wildcard of some sort. This raises the question: How can I still use Windows Defender Controlled Access while excluding all UWP apps?

  • Oh... didn't know that. Thank you! So how can this be done? – NE555 Feb 26 '18 at 13:24
  • I want to continue using the Windows Defender Controlled Access (WDCA) functionality, because I also run non UWP apps. But I think I don't grasp the whole situation good enough yet: UWP apps are sandboxed, so WDCA isn't necessary there. If I disable it UWP apps can't make hostile changes anyways, but then other programs could. So I want to leave WDCA on, but giving some apps (Affinity Photo (UWP) in particular) write priviledges to my protected folders. How can this be done? – NE555 Feb 27 '18 at 0:16
  • I didn't add the UWP folder to this list. I want to make sure that my UWP programs have the write permissions to my Desktop, Documents, etc. folders that I have protected from being modified by WDCA. – NE555 Feb 27 '18 at 13:44

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