we just began experiencing this problem today. Chrome opens a white window with the _ and X visible in the top right corner. No tabs, address bar, etc.

I can position the cursor and click where the Chrome menu is supposed to be, and the menu appears.

If I resize the window, the new areas appear solid black.

I have uninstalled chrome manually, deleting the C:\program files (x86) directory, the appdata directory, and the registry keys.

Then I rebooted and reinstalled Chrome from chrome.google.com and still get the problem.

Any suggestions?


I haven't experienced this in Chrome, but in Firefox I have had conflicts between my video drivers and Firefox's "Hardware Acceleration" which caused similar behavior. You might want to try launching Chrome from the command line or run box using the following switch:

chrome.exe --disable-gpu

This will temporarily disable the hardware acceleration feature in Chrome. If this works, be sure to turn it off manually on the settings page. You may also want to try running launching in Incognito mode:

chrome.exe --incognito

Since this typically disables all add-ons, so you can check if those were the cause of the issue.

  • Disabling GPU seems to work. Why would this need to be done after it's been working up until yesterday? What should I check? No events in Event Viewer mention GPU problems or graphics card driver issues. – Ryan Griggs Feb 27 '18 at 20:27
  • @Ryan My guess would be an automatic update to either your video driver or to chrome itself. When it happened to me in FF it was always at random. Checking for a new video driver or rolling back to an older one may fix the issue. For FF I just ended up leaving the hardware acceleration off. – techturtle Feb 27 '18 at 20:34

I have the same problem, but this solution does not work for me.

I see a solution in https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/gfSEhLj7cF0 - rename the executable name of "chrome.exe" to anything else.

Very strange, but works fine.

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