in the follow paper:

Power Metering for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing—Challenges and Opportunities

at section METHODS FOR VM POWER METERING, author mentioned that there are two method to get information of VM:

  1. white method :run proxy inside each VM and collect resource utilization .
  2. black method : The black box method collects information of each VM at host level.VM profiling information such as PMCs are collected outside VMs at hypervisor level. A typical example of this architecture is Xen virtualization platform and we can use Xenoprofile as tool to collect events of each VM on it

but some questions i don't figure out about black method:

  1. I have known that there are two type Hypervisor. if we use type-I, there is no host OS, so where dose those profile tools run if outside VM?
  2. in section TOOLS FOR INFORMATION COLLECTION, some special tools are mentioned that can collect information on Xen ,KVM and VMware.like XenMon XenoPro for Xen, ReTrace for VMware. are these tool also run outside of VM?
  3. the final question is that those above tools have provide lib for programmable collect information? such as Windows performance counter lib PDH.
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    I can answer the first and second questions: from dom0. – dsstorefile1 Feb 28 '18 at 4:15
  • @dsstorefile what is dom0? is it host VM OS ? – spartawhy117 Mar 6 '18 at 8:31

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