I'm working with two tables in a simple database. The data on each table contains partial data that together would comprise a completed record. I'd like to merge the two tables with a query and combine some of the fields to display in a single query. Let's say Table A [PhoneNum] and Table B [PhoneNum] fields exist. In order to display a complete record I need to combine [PhoneNum] from both tables into one in the query results.

Is this possible to do in a query? I believe the answer lies within SQL, but I have never touched SQL and am not sure how to implement.

  • What do you mean by combine? Also what have you tried already? Some sample data might help too. Feb 28 '18 at 21:17

If you work on database tasks longer than a day, I would suggest to go through the SQL Tutorial first and learn it. It's not very complex language to learn and it might help you in future as well.

For your task have a specific look on UNION.

I think the answer should be like this, if I understand you correctly.

SELECT PhoneNum FROM Table_A
SELECT PhoneNum FROM Table_B

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