I'm attempting to write a formula to calculate the number of positions gained/lost on a cell.

For example:
If A1 has a positive value (example 52.13), then subtract C1 from B1.
If A1 has a negative value (example -36.12), then subtract D1 from B1.

This is the formula I have been playing with:


Any help would be great !


Use the below:


You have not said what you would want in the event of a 0 in A1, to include that you can modify and use the below:

=IF(A1=0,"IF ITS ZERO DO THIS",IF(A1>0,B1-C1,B1-D1))
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This should do the work for you:


You have to consider yourself if the $ like in the picture are needed or not since I made this code based on an example that I made myself.

enter image description here

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