VirtualBox: Win10/64-bit VM hosted by Win7/64-bit

Sometimes I get the full screen, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I get shared folders, sometimes I don't. It seems that the VirtualBox Guest Addition can fix this. So, after installing the Guest Additions, this fixed it until I rebooted!

I installed the Guest Additions when I first created the VM. I installed it several times afterwards. Each time it appears to be installed as if it was never installed previously, requiring a reboot!

  • Why does it need to be installed several times?
  • Why does it appear that every time I install it, it is the "first time" it has ever been installed
  • Is there another way that my VM can "perceive" my wide screen and auto-resize to the full screen without installing the Guest Additions again?
  • It doesn't and shouldn't. You could have a corrupted install of Windows 7. Are you using snapshots? – essjae Mar 1 '18 at 0:12
  • I am now! I have been doing so with a recent Win10VM. I noticed this on both Linux and Windows VM's. I notice it most often with the wide screen issue - perhaps it is not detecting my screen well? However, I could swear I saw it with shared folders as well. – user3533030 Mar 2 '18 at 8:00

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