I have a triple monitor set up that I have configured through my NVidia card to display as one giant 5760x1080 screen. However for some tasks I find it best to let the 2 side monitors go to sleep and use 1 monitor at 1920x1080; especially for programs that don't work well with my widescreen setup.

For example, some programs I use default to full screen on initialization which stretches everything out, which results in a dizzying, awkward look. Luckily, some programs can be configured to run in a set resolution, but there are a handful of programs I use regularly that don't have such resolution options natively.

Question: To find a robust solution to this problem, I want to find the fastest way to change the resolution of the windows 10 OS itself. That way no matter which program I run, it will work as expected. The question is how do I do that? I'm hoping there is a command prompt line I can run or something else that is very fast. Currently I'm pointing and clicking as fast as I can in this manner:

Desktop > Display Settings > Resolution > 1920 x 1080 (then I have to click "Keep Changes")

Over a while, the time I spend pointing and clicking is adding up. That's why I would like to find a hot key or other fast method.



Create folder in your preferred location (Main Menu?) and make short-cuts to preferred resolution change invocations in this folder.

For example:

nircmd.exe monitor:1 setdisplay 800 600 24
nircmd.exe cmdshortcut "path.to.your.folder" "Monitor#1_800x600x24" setdisplay monitor:1 800 600 24

NirCmd commands reference is contained in chm file.

You can also combine (change notepad to desired application):

nircmd.exe monitor:1 setdisplay 800 600 24
nircmd.exe monitor:1 setdisplay 1024 768 24

in a single bath file.

  • the OP's title is misleading. He doesn't actually want to change the resolution but just need to turn off the 2 screens – phuclv Mar 1 '18 at 11:23
  • @LưuVĩnhPhúc Argh... When you sum up resolutions that starts make sense :| So AutoIt/AutoHotKey then... – g2mk Mar 1 '18 at 15:43

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