Under Windows 7 x64, when I'm ripping CDs with Exact Audio Copy, it spawns a Command Prompt window each time it invokes the external MP3 compression program I use, LAME.

While that's going on, I usually like to surf the web. However, I find it quite annoying that even when Firefox has the foreground, the Command Prompt windows spawned by EAC are coming up in the foreground, on top of my Firefox window.

Is there a way to make those new Command Prompt windows spawn in the background? Alternatively, is there a way to make the current active window stay in the foreground / on top while I'm using it?


I suggest you ask the EAC author to add a feature to launch external programs minimized.

In the mean time, you could run EAC on another Desktop or make the Firefox window topmost with something like Deskpins.

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