I'm using Visual Studio to develop Python applications. Everything works well, but syntax highlighting sometimes just goes wrong. For example:

classes.   < purple, including dot which should be black
#test      < purple, should be green

Syntax highlighting sometimes just stops updating, IntelliSense often doesn't refresh data about my files, or it does after a long await. Refreshing database doesn't help, since it only refreshes installed packages, not the ones currently being edited.

I also can't find any shortcuts, buttons, menu items for refreshing syntax highlighting. Reopening file helps, but that's just a workaround that also requires saving the file.

I searched on the internet, but apparently Google doesn't provide any helpful reasons.

Is there a button or menu I've missed? Any plugin to fix the problem? Some settings?

  • I'm no longer using VS, so I can no longer check any answer or comment, however, I'm leaving the question here for future reference – RedClover Mar 22 '18 at 17:58

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