After looking into various Openshift guides (for Fedora Atomic), I think I might be either missing the point of the Atomic Project, or doing something really wrong.

All guides tell me to run a git clone, or a dnf install or even a atomic-openshift-installer install at some point, but none of those commands are available in Fedora Atomic.

How am I supposed to install software, or get the source code to build it myself ?

Just as an example, here are a few of the guides:

  • First instruction assume You do it from generic workstation, making installation on remote Atomic hosts. and assume at least ansible 2.2 and git already installed on management workstation.
  • Second instruction to install OpenShift on RHEL.
  • If you try install to atomic host using atomic host as management workstation, first install dependencies (ansible 2.2 and git) using atomic host install

I quick google Differences between RHEL Server and RHEL Atomic Host

RHEL Atomic Host does not include yum or any other package manager because updates and rollbacks are performed transactionally with the "atomic host” command.


Using the atomic host install [rpms] command lets you install packages that are not part of the original ostree.

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