A month or two ago I noticed that my iPhone didn't show the same iCloud folders that my iPad and Mac did.

I created a new folder on my Mac and neither my iPad or my phone got it. I waited several days/weeks but the folder never appeared.

I checked iCloud.com and it wasn't uploaded there either.

the status on the file shows a dotted iCloud icon next to it to indicate "waiting to upload"

So I created another one. Didn't work

Then I created one on my iPad. Same thing. Wouldn't upload to the cloud or to my other devices.

I added a new file to one of the managed folders for one of the apps that use iCloud. This worked. It uploaded.

So custom folders, no go. Apps managed by iCloud were good.

So I turned off iCloud Drive on my Mac. Tried again. Nothing.

Turned off iCloud Drive on my iPad and iPhone. Nada. Created new folders on both devices, neither worked. Those folders eternally say "waiting to upload" but they never upload. Not a single custom folder (folder that isn't created automatically by an app that uses iCloud) would download or upload from the devices.

Essentially none of my devices are syncing across really important information.

Also if I created a folder from iCloud.com, none of my iCloud devices sync that folder. So basically NOT A SINGLE device or service properly functions.

So where am I at?

After getting in contact with a senior advisor from Apple Support (this guy hung up on me because he got frustrated. I'm an app developer and he spent a good portion of our phone call asking me why it wasn't possible to build an app that closes all the other apps... basically he doesn't know a lot about this stuff)

He told me that the only way he knew how to fix it would be to reset all of my iCloud data. There is so much I risk losing. I have about 1 TB in photos synced over iCloud.

Has anyone had this issue and been able to solve it? I've filed a bug report on apple and uploaded logs but haven't heard anything.

  • There are programs that will read what's in an iCloud backup at least, so I would think there would be programs that could read iCloud in general. Could you simply copy all your data out of it? (Besides, iCloud shouldn't be your only storage location for anything important!!) – Loren Pechtel Mar 2 '18 at 2:37

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