My screen is 144hz 1920x1080. I (stupidly) bought a switch that only supports 1080p (to get my Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC all on the same screen with one cord).

So when I boot my PC and put its video through the switch, the only available resolution to pick is a very low 1024x786 (and one lower).

When I go directly from the PC, I get all options including 1920x1080 (preferred).

So my question is, if I buy a switch that purports to pass through 4K signals, is that 'enough' and does HDMI work in such a way that it will sufficiently downgrade/sample my signal to my monitor's native resolution?


Switches are passive units, generally. If the switch supports 4k, that simply means the proper signaling will go through. It will not affect a 2k signal, as it is simply passing it through to the monitor.

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