How can I automatically save the entire change history of the files on my computer indefinitely?

Dropbox stores file version history only intermittently and only for the past 30 days.

The solution I want would save every file change (down to the T) along with the date & time of the change, such that if I were to replay all the changes, I'd get an accurate time lapse of my editing the file. And, it would persist all file version histories indefinitely.

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    You could probably whip something up with PowerShell such as Powershell FileSystemWatcher and further expand to save the file per each date modified change with a file name appended _YYYYMMDDhhmmssttt and just have it save to a copy directory maybe with /YYYYMMDD folder name and you could see every revision of every file that way. If someone wants to take a stab at a PowerShell type solution of this nature, I'd love to test with such a solution. – Pimp Juice IT Mar 3 '18 at 6:54

Although not exactly what you are looking for, Windows 8 & 10 have a tool that might meet your needs. The File History tool will allow you to save file versions in as little as 10 minute increments and you can keep those versions forever.

Here is a good article on its usage.

Just a note of warning. Depending on the size and amount of files you are backing up, as well as the frequency of changes, you might need a large amount of storage.


If you have Windows you can enable Volume Shadow Copy Service, but it will create a backup on a fixed time schedule


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