I am trying to use Wget to access a RESTful interface, but I can not figure out how to do HTTP PUT with Wget. How can I do it? Or isn't it prossible?


Wget can't do PUT. Use cURL instead, with -T.

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wget --method=PUT --body-data=<STRING>

This is a bit late, but at some point after the original post, they added a "--method" option. I'm not sure when it was added, but see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=684189#24 for details.

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    This should be accepted answer. – Vanuan Oct 14 '16 at 2:17
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    Should be accepted answer in 2014, 2016 or whenever. --method param wasn't avail in wget back in 2010 :( – Bernhard Döbler Nov 9 '16 at 13:09
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    Not in busy box – Dmitry Minkovsky Jul 10 '17 at 21:04
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    --method still not available in centos 7. – David V. Jul 9 '19 at 11:15
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    Note only with GNU wget, not busybox wget. – Ben Apr 3 at 19:27

Since this is REST interface, I think you'd want to use curl with -X PUT, like this:

curl -i -X PUT http://www.example.tld/rest/updateEntity/1234?active=false

Or if you need to "post" data from a file, like an XML:

curl -i -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8" -d @"/tmp/some-file.xml" http://www.example.tld/rest/updateEntity
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For me following worked:

curl -T <file-path> <url>

For some reason when I did following it nothing happened (no error as well):

curl -X PUT -d <file-path> <url>         (did not work)
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    -d will send the data you entered on the command line, so it will try to PUT file path as text. – che Jan 8 '13 at 16:51

If you don't want to use a file as data, you can do the following.

curl -X PUT -d "something=blabla&somethingelse=blaha" http://www.example.com
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