I have this table

Table screenshot

and I want to get the latest -by date- "latest Sum" value of every "From". I expect something like :

2018-02-03 | person1 | 9200
2018-02-05 | person2 | 2600

I created a pivot table but apparently I made something wrong. Here it's what I got enter image description here

I want it to show only the latest date

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Here is a step-by-step guide describing one possible way in which to obtain the result that you require:

  1. I've started with your current setup:

    A table containing the relevant data, and a pivot table created using the default options, with the From and Latest Sum fields as Row Labels, and the Date field as a Value, with the Value Field Setting set to summarise the Date field using the Max function:

    Pivot table field setup

    This configuration yields a pivot table as shown in your question:

    Pivot table start

  1. Under the PivotTable Tools contextual tab, click on Design and then on Subtotals and select Do Not Show Subtotals:

    No Subtotals

  1. Now click on Grand Totals and select Off for Rows and Columns:

    No Grand Totals

  1. Now click on Report Layout and select Show in Tabular Form:

    Tabular Form

  1. Select the filter arrow beside the Latest Sum field, then select Value Filters and finally Top 10...:

    Top 10

  1. Configure the Value Filter as follows:

    Value Filter

Final Result

Final Result


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