I have a .csv file export (actually printed to csv file) made on a Windows 10 machine. Working in Libreoffice Calc on Archlinux, Why can Calc open a file using settings Character Set: Western Europe (ASCII/US), but saved file and reopened, the file acts like utf-8?

Save As settings:

  • Name: [something]
  • Choose Format: Text CSV (.csv)
  • Edit filter settings: Character Set: Western Europe (ASCII/US)

By trial and error, I found an alternative to ASCII filter setting which does appear the same through the cycle: Character Set: Western Europe (Windows-1252/WinLatin1)

Any ideas why?

A little background. I'm doing some Python scripting with Juypter Notebooks to generate import files and the application requires ASCII TDF. There are special characters which the app uses which I can't alter and must be present in the import file. I'm testing the import using Calc csv files, before testing the script output. I need to be sure each step doesn't bork the ASCII characters. Calc is part of that process.

  • "Why can Calc" do that, or why does Calc do that? – RonJohn Mar 3 '18 at 23:01
  • Ok. Google defines would as: "2. indicating the consequence of an imagined event or situation". I can change it if it sounds better. – xtian Mar 3 '18 at 23:52

Calc should ask for the Character set on import.

enter image description here


When I saved my csv file,I just use the edit filter and just used the Unicode (UTF-8 ) character set option and that worked just perfectly for simplekml to read the file correctly with no errors.

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