I am trying to create a new keyboard layout which has multiple layers. I succeeded in using Mod3 to Mod5 to implement those layers, but I would rather not use the ModX bits because applications do use them (emacs, desktop environments).

This is how I do it at this moment:

key <RWIN> {actions = [SetMods(modifiers= Mod3)]}

but I would rather do something along the lines

key <RWIN> {actions = [SetMods(modifiers= VirtualModifier1)]};

where VirtualModifier is not associated with one of the physical Mod3-Mod4 (but as I understund VirtualModifiers, they are just aliases to the real ones).

I was also thinking about using xkb groups where pressing switches to a specific group and releasing it switches back, if that is possible.

Is it even possible to implement additional layers on a keyboard without using the Modifier bits?


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