I have a PC (Windows 10), which has internet. I don't have Wifi internet. So, is it possible to share my PC's internet to my iPhone 7 via Bluetooth connection?


On Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot under Settings, start your hotspot using Bluetooth. On your iPhone under Bluetooth devices try to connect to your PC, if the option is unavailable unpair both devices and pair them again.

Bluetooth Hotspot

  • What exactly are the requirements for Mobile Hotspot to be offered? Please edit your question to provide specific details with regards to that. I was unable to find Mobile Hotspot. Please note, I don't actually have the problem the author had, this comment is only being submitted so you will improve the quality of your answer. Please do not respond to my comment, with another comment. Just improve the answer. – Ramhound Oct 6 '18 at 20:00

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