Update: I can ping my mini-PC from my Windows desktop, but not the other way around. What does this mean?

Update 2: This was windows firewall, fixed and reenabled the firewall.

Update 3: I can ping the server PC, but not (Google).

I am trying to share my internet from my PC (Windows 10) to my mini-PC (Fedora 27). This is what I have now and what I think should work (but does not).

On Windows:

  • I have wireless connected and set as shared under Networking Connections > Adapter > Properties > Sharing. I have tried turning all of the advanced sharing modes on and off - they are now off, since this was the default state.
  • I have my wired ethernet adapter connected to my mini-pc and my desktop, IP is set to '' (As is I believe expected when the other network is set to shared), mask is set to ''.

On Fedora:

  • Some sources say this should be plug-and-play, this is not the case, so I have a manual connection setup (through default connection setup GUI).
  • IPV4 gateway is set to ''. (Windows 10 IP address)
  • IPV4 mask is set to ''. (Windows 10 IP mask)
  • IPV4 address is set to '' - I have also tried other numbers at the end.
  • IPV6 is disabled (to keep things simple, less to break.... right?).

The current outcome is that: I see 'Connected' on Fedora connection setup GUI but have no internet access. On windows I see 'Unidentified Network'.

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