System info:

  • MSI GS63 7RD (few months old)
  • Windows 10 v1709
  • At the time the laptop was connected to 4 external displays (2 of them displaylink)

I left my computer awake on the lock screen. It is supposed to go to sleep after 2 hours. I came back 3 hours later. The computer was in sleep mode, but had restarted by itself (and has an uptime of 2.5 hours).

I checked the Windows update history, and there have been no installed updates for the past week. I left the computer locked at 5:00 and came back at 8:00. System event viewer shows some strange/unexpected events in the meantime below. One odd thing to note is that when I woke the computer from sleep, it was already logged in.

My blurry picture of what happened: I lock the computer, half an hour later it reboots for no apperent reason, upon reboot automatically logs in somehow, instantly sleeps, and then is woken 2.5 hrs later by me.

System event log:

  • 05:33 The kernel power manager has initiated a shutdown transition. Shutdown reason: Kernel API (plus many other shutdown events)
  • 05:33:40 The operating system started at system time [5:34] (plus many other startup events)
  • 05:33:50 the last shutdown's success status was true. The last boot's success status was true
  • 05:34:05 The system is entereing sleep. Sleep Reason: Application API
  • 05:34:06 The system has resumed from sleep
  • [no events for the next 2.5 hrs]
  • 08:07 The system has returned from a low power state. Wake Source: Power button

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