I have a hidden file on my C: drive named $WINRE_BACKUP_PARTITION.MARKER, of size 0. I don't know when it appeared there and couldn't find any relevant information about it online.

Does anyone know what it does, and if it's safe to delete?


This file also exists on machines that have not failed any update process. It has nothing to do with updates, though it may appear after an update as a consequence of attempting operations on an absent recovery partition (a better guess than the one above).

I have seen this on a variety of machines, all of which had Windows 10 installed as a single partition with no recovery. Deleting it has never caused issues with normal use.

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This folder will be created when the Feature upgrade failed or have some failed history.

I have checked my computers which has successfully upgraded to new Version of Windows and another has failed on this, this folder will be created on the failed one.

enter image description here

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