Google Chrome's pop-up blocker blocks most pop-ups, but it allows them if they were the effect of direct user actions.

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/2587692/4356188

Porn sites are very annoying because they trick the browser into thinking that I voluntarily cause pop-ups to open. Like when I click the play button on a video, and an ad for an adult game opens in a separate window.

How do I make Chrome block absolutely all pop-ups, whether I clicked a button to open it or not?


How do I make Chrome block absolutely all pop-ups

I have to suggest you use the Popup Blocker (strict) Chrome extension because you asked specifically "How do I make Chrome block absolutely all pop-ups" and below are the specific instructions about configuring this to make just that happen and never even prompt for an override in the first place from what my testing results concluded for me.

Regardless of any scrutiny this answer may bring from others, give it a simple try and configure the options as outlined below and you'll see it works as expected as I did. I will also provide a method for you to easily test before and after at the bottom of the detailed configuration instructions.

Detailed Configuration Instructions

  1. Install the 4.5 star rated Popup Blocker (strict) Chrome extension

    enter image description here

    Strictly block all popup requests from any website

    Supported blocking methods:
     1. window.open
  2. In the Chrome address bar paste in chrome://extensions/ and press Enter

  3. Ensure it's turned On and then click on the Details button

    enter image description here

  4. Click on the Extension options configuration icon

    enter image description here

  5. You will want to ensure these settings are set with these values—and be sure to Save:

    • Maximum number of popup requests for a single page: 1
    • Timeout for displaying each popup (in seconds): 1
    • Countdown for performing the last action (in seconds): 1
    • Default action when a popup is requested: deny request
    • Display the total number of blocked requests in the toolbar icon: unchecked
    • Prevent page redirection for 2 seconds after a popup is requested: checked
    • Ignore popup notification when possible (not recommended): checked enter image description here

    • Whitelist destinations: Blank/Delete All

    • Whitelist sources: Blank/Delete All
    • Save (Very Important) enter image description here

Testing Before and After

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To do better than the pop-up blocker that is built-in into Chrome, you will need to use third-party extensions.

There are quite a few extensions available. I have listed some of them below in the order of their notes on the Chrome store.

  • uBlock Origin
    Noted 5-star by 19197 users. This extension is the most recommended.

  • Popup Blocker Pro
    Noted 4-star by 6984 users.

  • JustBlock Security
    Noted 3.5 stars by only 2060 users, so the least recommended.

  • ScriptSafe
    Although this is not just a pop-up blocker, I also recommend this extension with which one can block the execution of JavaScript from unauthorized sources, so can disable the script before it launches the pop-up in a way not trapped by the blocker. This extension does not suit the working style of everybody but makes surfing safer.

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