I have 2 hard drives which are both 1TB SADA/64MB cache WD10EZEX. Neither of which are in a computer. The 1st hard drive has Windows XP installed on it with a ton of source code and a compiler. This drive is bootable if installed in a computer.

The 2nd hard drive is identical to the first however it is totally empty. No OS either.

I want to clone drive 1 to drive 2 so that I could swap out drive 1 with drive 2 and expect drive 2 to boot as well.

Can this be done in a reliable fashion? I have purchased a usb transfer box that will handle IDE and SATA drives. What software do you recommend to clone hard drive 1 to hard drive 2.

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  • Why is this on hold? Despite mentioning the drive type, no product recommendation is requested, and service or learning material isn't as well. In my opinion, this qualifies as a normal superuser question, where users might want to recommend dd on linux or something similar to accomplish this task. – LukeLR Mar 18 '18 at 3:42
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  • @Biswapriyo "What software do you recommend" – DavidPostill Mar 18 '18 at 8:22