From time to time, Windows Defender (via Controlled Access Folder) blocks apps from accessing my files and raises a notification on the Windows notification bar.

The notification looks like the following:

enter image description here

And I'm wondering, how can I get the full message? Where can I see the full path to gedit.exe of the screenshot above, so I can add it to the excluded/authorized apps list?


Wish there is a shorter way, but I found it.

It's in the

  • Event Viewer
    • Application and Services
      • Microsoft
        • Windows
          • Windows Defender
            • Operational

The info about the program that triggered the error is all in there. I can then just copy the program's path and paste it into the allowed apps, via:

  • Windows Defender Security Settings
    • Virus and Threat Protection
      • Virus and Threat Protection Settings
        • Controlled Folder Access / Allow an app through Controlled Folder Access
          • Add an allowed app

Hope this helps.

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