I have the Thunderbird mail client on my mac, and when I go into the application it automatically opens my mailbox. I'm going to be using a shared computer soon and would like to be able to 'sign out' of Thunderbird but I can't for the life of me see how to do this?

On forums / other sites it says do 'Tools > Options > Security > Passwords'

These options aren't available on the mac version.

Any help would be awesome.



There is no "Sign-out" button

I assume that this shared computer will also have a shared user account. In the case of separate user accounts, there would be no issue (each person's Thunderbird would open to their configuration)

Solution: Forget the password -

Menu > Tools > Options > Passwords > Saved Passwords > Delete entry in question

Then you will be prompted to input your password every time you wish to check for new mail.

Sources: No Sign-out, Remove Saved Password

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