I saw couple of posts about VPN and Internet sharing, everyone has his own issues but never find an article that breaks down and explain the rules of setting up a vpn and internet sharing.

I have a vpn server Win server 2012- I setup RAS uses L2TP protocol, I can connect all my PC's laptops to it and brows the internet from that VPN server, this is works perfectly fine tested with Win10, MacOS, iPhones and other mobile phones.

The idea is I wanted to setup one PC (lets call it Gateway-PC) that connects to the VPN and all other computers in the network uses that my Gateway-PC.

Here are some points:

The Gateway-PC: Win10, has 2NIC's (Wifi & LAN)-I prefer to use the LAN only for both Gateway-PC: IP address (LAN) : (DHCP but reserved IP) -GW

When Gateway-PC connects to the VPN:


IP: (DHCP) GW: VPN server Local Address:

What I am confused about:

Should I share the VPN connection on the Gateway-PC or share the LAN ? Static route I guess its required, but what should route now and what destination ?

Can someone break down to me and explain how this should be connected ?

Thanks in Advance. Manaf

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