I am running a Microsoft Surface 3 LTE (not a Pro) with Windows 10. I currently have it set for login via PIN. Unfortunately, the touch screen PIN pad does not reliably appear on the login screen when

There are two situations in which the PIN pad seems to appear more reliably:

  1. I explicitly and "manually" lock the machine via the Start menu, rather than simply closing the TypeCover or letting it timeout and sleep.

  2. I reboot the machine immediately after it turns on.

It's probably worth mentioning that I regularly use my Surface 3 LTE both with and without the TypeCover installed. It only appears to be relevant so far as it can lock the system without doing via the Start menu.

I've seen "Touch Keyboard on Windows 10 Logon Screen". None of the solutions there (Tablet Mode in one answer, and using the Accessibility Keyboard in the other) are acceptable.

I've also looked at "Windows 10 Lock Screen: No Keyboard", and none of the solutions there work.

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