I have ran into an issue that has followed me from Outlook 2010 to the newest version of Office365 Outlook 2016.

A user is required to search for numerical data for order numbers and such. Searching for words in the search bar works fine. However, searching for numbers just does not work. Even though I can see a mail in the inbox with the string of numbers I searched for, it states that no results were found! We have rebuilt the search cache I also found a technet article which states the advanced search function would be a workaround for this.. it is not as this does not work either.

Has anyone ran into a fix for this issue?

  • It just works fine for me in Outlook 2013. Are your codes pure numbers or do they contain other characters too. Have you tried putting them in quotes (e.g. "123-456")? – Máté Juhász Mar 29 '18 at 8:43
  • Quotes does not work either and they do contain an individual character such as P – ThunderToes Mar 29 '18 at 9:20
  • do you have the same issue with all numbers occurring in mails, or just those codes? Can you post some screenshots (with hiding confidential information of course)? – Máté Juhász Mar 29 '18 at 9:29
  • Its a user on my network who is Dutch and the language is in Dutch. I don't think it will be possible to get pictures without replicating this issue myself... I will try and do so and post it. – ThunderToes Mar 29 '18 at 13:07
  • it's always good to replicate issues on multiple computers first ... – Máté Juhász Mar 29 '18 at 13:24

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