I like to sign into Google Chrome when I use different computers, such as the computers in the library at my University campus. Whenever I do so, Chrome automatically downloads and installs the extensions that I use at home. Each one pops up a new tab, and it's a bit annoying.

There's an option in chrome://settings to specify what gets synced, and you can turn off 'Apps' and 'Extensions'. The problem is that this setting doesn't seem to be at all persistent: when I sign in on a new computer, it's gone right back to 'Sync everything'.

How can I persistently change my sync settings so that Chrome never tries to sync apps and extensions?

Note: not a duplicate of How can I sign in to Chrome but not immediately sync everything? : I don't want to turn off syncing for everything; I just want to turn off sync for certain things, and I'm confused why this setting does not seem to be persistent.

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