Our environment is still largely Windows 7 and people are used to seeing a 'Log Off' button after clicking Start. We upgraded our conference room PC to Windows 10 and signing-out is not very obvious. Not having a Log Off option is causing some uneasiness about having a system available before the auto-lock kicks in.

In the meantime, how can I can pin a batch/PS script, with the equivalent of issuing 'logoff' in the command prompt, to the Start menu? Clicking Start > then your picture > Sign Out seems a bit much for some users and having a 'Log Off' tile may help them.

I found something promising about making a batch file with 'logoff', create a shortcut from it and pre-pend cmd.exe to the batch location in the Target field of the Properties. However, it only opens a cmd prompt; it didn't execute the batch script.

  • If you create a batch file and create a shortcut from it, that should be enough. You shouldn’t need to explicitly specify cmd.exe. – Scott Mar 31 '18 at 2:41

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