Problem: If I remove the numbering from Heading1 with backspace, Heading2 numbering becomes 0.2.

Question:I want to remove the heading number from Heading1 but I want to keep Heading2 as it is.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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It looks like the numbering is calculated automatically, but we can work around this by formatting the numbering for Heading 1 so that it cannot be seen.

  1. In the Character Styles sidebar, right-click on Default Style and choose New. Name it "Hidden".
  2. Font Size: 2, Font color: white, check Hidden, OK.
  3. Format -> Bullets and Numbering -> Customize. Level 1, Character style: "Hidden".
  4. Go to Position tab. Level 1, Numbering followed by: Nothing.

invisible numbering

More information about formatting the numbers:


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