I have an Excel worksheet with Columns A-G. And hundreds of rows.

There are sometimes numbers in column F and sometimes in column G.

How can I only delete the rows when columns F and G are both blank?

F5 → “Special” → “Blanks” would work if I was only searching for blanks on one of those columns. But they both have to be blank.


Pick a spare column (such as H).  Enter =(F1&G1)="" into H1 and drag/fill down.  This is TRUE if Columns F and G are both blank, and FALSE otherwise.  Filter on Column H and display only the TRUE rows.

Select your entire data range and do F5 → “Special” and select “Visible cells only”.  (Alt+; is a shortcut for this.)  Then delete the selected rows.


Filter your columns and select the blank values in both columns. This will return all rows where F and G are blank and you can delete them.

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