I have a desktop computer with Windows 10. A 74 inches Smart Whiteboard is connected to it via HDMI cable and USB cable. I also have a 24 inches touch screen monitor connected to the desktop via USB and standard cable. The screens are mirrored, I can write on the small screen and see it on the big screen, and I can have my students write on the big screen and I see it in my screen. Everything works smooth for several day, I never turn off any of this machines, and suddenly one day I have that the touch screen capability of the Smart Whiteboard is not working. I touch the screen and nothing happens (note that at that moment the board works in standalone mode, i.e. if I use it as a standalone whiteboard without selecting HDMI as a source the touch screen works). I try to unplug and replug the USB cable coming from the Whiteboard but nothing. I tried rebooting the whiteboard, nothing happens. As soon as I reboot my desktop, everything works again. Any idea what is happening? It happened 4 times in the past month. And only rebooting the desktop fixes it, but only for a few days. Even just having a batch file that reset the USB connection without having to reboot would be good. But if unplug-replug does not work I am not sure if such a file would work.

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