I am new to Cygwin, using it in order to learn Python. I am attempting to install Eric6 Python IDE, which requires certain packages such as PyQt5, Scintilla2, etc.

I installed python2, python3, PyQt5, pip3.6 (pip-9.0.3), and several other packages using the Cygwin setup app (setup-x86_64.exe).

When I attempt to install Eric6:

$ python3 install.py
Checking dependencies
Python Version: 3.6.4
Found PyQt5
Found pyuic5
Sorry, please install QScintilla2 and
its PyQt5/PyQt4 wrapper.
Error: cannot import name 'Qsci'


Per matzeri's answer, I found that I had missed seeing scintilla2 in the Cygwin packages list, so I installed it from there [package: mingw64-x86_64-qscintilla2-qt5] and it appeared to install without any issues. However, I continue to get the exact same error as before when attempting to install Eric6 Sorry, please install QScintilla2 and its PyQt5/PyQt4 wrapper. Error: cannot import name 'Qsci'

I have tried rebooting both Cygwin and the local machine, with no luck.


install qscintilla2 from cygwin setup. Before installing anything from pip you should check if the package is already available in cygwin. See


for the full list. For QT5 you should install:

  • Hi Matzeri - thanks very much for the suggestion +1. You were right, I had missed seeing qscintilla2 in the Cygwin packages list (I was looking alphabetically but it was under "mingw64-x86_64-qscintilla2-qt5"). And it installed fine using Cygwin setup. However, even after rebooting computer I continue to have the same error message from Eric6 installer (about qscintilla2 not being installed - but this time it is installed) – gibberish Apr 4 '18 at 16:20
  • mingw64-x86_64-qscintilla2-qt5 is for cross compilation from cygwin to mingw64-x86_64 – matzeri Apr 5 '18 at 8:43

After installing qscintilla2 from CygWin's setup

package: mingw64-x86_64-qscintilla2-qt5 (QT Scintilla editor class for Win64 toolchain)

as recommended by Matzeri, I then also installed these two packages:

mingw64-x86_64-qscintilla2-qt4 (QT Scintilla editor class for Win64 toolchain)

python3-pyqt5-qsci (Scintilla editor class for QT4)

After installing [mingw64-x86_64-qscintilla2-qt4] the problem continued as before, but as soon as I installed [python3-pyqt5-qsci], I was able to re-run the setup

python3 install.py

and it completed successfully

Eric 6 install completed successfully


Eric6 was not the best development environment for Python under Windows. I found these other two that work great and do not require Cygwin or any other special environment -- they work under Windows, comme il faut:

Pyscripter - Fantastic IDE, dev team responds quickly and seriously considers bug reports and feature requests, step-thru debugger, really great debug/variable windows that can be dragged onto a second monitor, pip install system hasn't failed me yet. (Caution: uses Ctrl+Y as delete line instead of redo, but dev has assured me that this will be fixed in next update.)

VSCode - open source IDE by Microsoft that essentially duplicates Visual Studio. Many strengths, but more difficult to watch global variables.

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