Using the same connection, there was no problem to get in and get a directory listing.

Status log when logging into FTP server and retrieving a directory list

The directory listing showed up without any issue and I got logged in properly.

However, when I try to download a file, re-authentication is required and the authentication failed for some reason.

530 Login incorrect when attempting to download a file

Any idea why this is happening?

I've tried rebooting my PC, changing the password to an incorrect one and then back to the correct password as well as creating a new connection profile with no change in behavior.

Currently trying to delete FileZilla and reinstalling it.


Maybe your server does not allow you to login multiple times using the same account.

Test that by trying to open another connection in a second tab in FileZilla. If that fails with the same error (530), it's clearly the problem.

You cannot use FileZilla to transfer files to/from a server, that does not allow parallel connections.

You have to use another FTP client that is able to use the main connection for file transfers.

For example WinSCP FTP client does that. WinSCP can also import FileZilla sites, so a transition should be smooth.

(I'm the author of WinSCP)

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