I have an EliteBook.

My understanding is that the keyboard shortcut for selecting text to the left/right is Shift-Home and Shift-End respectively. However, this keyboard does not have Home or End keys, so I have to use Fn+Left Arrow and Fn+Right Arrow

Typing Fn+Shift activates fn lock. As a result typing Fn+Shift+Right Arrow does not result in selecting text to the right (or, in the case of Left, Up, or Down arrows, start of line, top of text, and bottom of text respectively).

Selecting text to the left and right seems like a pretty common thing people would want to do, so it seems like there must be some way of doing this on a laptop keyboard.


As is often the case, the answer is actually quite obvious once I stumbled across it.

Key order matters.

You have to type the keys in the order Shift+Fn+Left or Shift+Fn+Right. Not sure why I was defaulting to Fn+Shift to start with but that was the cause of my issue.

So it works, you just have to type Shift before the Fn key instead of after.

  • Great answer. and order does matter. – ElderDelp Mar 15 '19 at 18:27

Great answer, and order does matter.

If you press and hold shift, then press and hold Fn key and then press either left arrow for text highlighted to the beginning of line or right arrow for text highlighted to the end of line.

To avoid the highlights, press and hold shift, press and hold Fn key, then let go of shift, and then press either left arrow to move to the beginning of line or right arrow to move to the end of line.

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