Looking to create a samba file share for some time-critical files whereby all changes need to be tracked. The changes should be available for Windows Clients accessing using SMB in their 'explorer.exe' 'Previous Versions' tab of the file properties. (Essentially Windows Shadow Copy clients through the vfs_shadow_copy2 samba module)

I'm considering the server end to be on any of the following: 1) FreeNAS 2) OpenSUSE (Snapper-io enabled) 3) Windows OS (File History enabled) 4) Open to any other solutions aswell

Issue is that they all seem to have option to take snapshots periodically only. So, only the latest of the many changes between that period will be kept a copy of.

Example: Imagine the snapshot is periodically scheduled for every 5mins. If a snapshot was taken at 13:00:00 and the file was edited/changed/replaced 5 times before the next snapshot at 13:05:00, the file history will only record the last change, not all 5. This is an issue. I would like copies of all 5 changes.

Please suggest some solutions.

P.S.: Not sure if this is the right forum, please move this thread as appropriate.

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