I'm running ssh server on VirtualBox-ed Slackware 14.2 on Windows host. I've set up NAT networking with port forwarding with 4191 port configured as a host port.

I've installed and configured VBoxVmService to automate the virtual machine startup/stop process. The problem is that although the service is successfully and automatically started on Windows startup (what i can verify with the Task Manager) the virtual machine networking seems not to work properly - there is no 4191 port open (i've checked with CurrPorts app). What's curious when i stop and start the service again using VmServiceControl tool the networking work as expected - the port 4191 is open and i can connect to vm ssh server.

I'm wondering why the vm networking doesn't work on system startup without the need to manually restart the VBoxVmService service.

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This might be an issue (or more of a feature) of Windows Firewall. The VirtualBox GUI prompts for firewall access during first-time run, but VBoxVmService runs the VMs using VBoxHeadless.exe, which might not have access yet. The solution found here was to allow C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxHeadless.exe through the firewall.

Since your issue is resolved by restarting the service after boot, you may have already done this.

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