A minimal example: our table has sales in 2015, 2017, but not 2016.

Date        Sales
01/02/15    $500
10/11/17    $1000

You make a Pivot Table:

  • Data > Pivot Table > Create
  • Row Fields: Date
  • Data Fields: Sum - Sales

Group the "Date" column:

  • Go to Pivot Table (e.g., tab "Pivot Table_Sheet1_1")
  • Select "01/02/15" cell
  • Data > Group and Outline > Group > Group by
    • Intervals: Years

Only the years 2015 and 2017 appear in the Pivot Table, but not 2016.

Date            Sum - Sales
2015            $500.00
2017            $1,000.00
Total Result    $1,500.00

Make a Pivot Chart:

  • Insert > Chart
  • Choose a Chart Type: Line
  • Click "Finish"

This chart is misleading without 2016 $0 sales point.

How can we make 2016 (and maybe even other time periods until present period, e.g., 2018) appear in the table and any corresponding Pivot Charts?


  • Although this is possible in MS Excel, I specifically seek a solution in Libre Calc
  • I specifically seek an "automatic" solution that persists even as users change underlying data and "Refresh" Pivot Table

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