I current am trying to connect to a hyper visor server with virt-manager on a windows computer. The host is currently setup to run only as a TTY base server. And from my research, I've only read to use PuTTY and Xming and have virt-manager to run over SSH. Witch has horrible latency.

My question is how can i install cygwin and use virt-manager with little hassle.

As of so far, I had installed cygwin and a ton of X.org components, but I get a "failed to connect to display" I had tried one link and got the virt-manager to launch, but as soon as i try to connect to the system with QEMU+SSH, it crashes with no error to print.


When setting up Cygwin don't just install "everything" you can install via "groups" which will install required dependencies.

You need to install the following packages:

virt-manager, xinit and openssh

Configure SSH Passwordless Login via RSA in the Cygwin Terminal and then test launching Virt-Manager. Then you can look into creating a shortcut as I did.

I did create a youtube video as well. Please see this question for more details.


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