Is there a way to block the Ethernet(LAN) port of a wireless router?

I'm not trying to block a particular device, so black listing the mac address is not an option. I just want to block any device through Ethernet(LAN) port, but should be allowed via WLAN.

If it's unable through software, a hardware solution would also be fine without permanently damaging or completely removing. (like applying some thing to the pins so the connection between the cable and the port would not be established)

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    Unless the router's firmware provides such feature - disable the Ethernet hub - there's nothing you can do about it. Regarding hardware solutions I guess you can always duct tape the ports. – user772515 Apr 10 '18 at 8:27
  • something that others won't notice? duct tape is easily seen :/ – ETHER Apr 10 '18 at 8:34
  • What brand and model? – Journeyman Geek Apr 10 '18 at 11:46
  • @JourneymanGeek It's TOZED 4G fixed wireless terminal ZLT M60 . Details can be found here. – ETHER Apr 10 '18 at 12:26

There are a variety of RJ45 port locks out there. Just google RJ45 port locks for them.

Here is one example and another.

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  • This seems to be the answer – ETHER Apr 12 '18 at 21:04

Unless there is a way to do so using your router firmware, you cannot disable access to an Ethernet port through software means.

The safest way to close an ethernet port is to use duct tape as @MichaelBay said, or use transparent tape, maybe.

Otherwise, you could just plug in an RJ-45 connector to the port and say that it's stuck. Not the entire wire, only the connector part.enter image description here

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  • Thank you :) this means changing the cable, right? mmh I can't depend on the cable, it has to be something to the router port – ETHER Apr 10 '18 at 9:01
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    Well, you could use clay, but you have to put it in very carefully so it doesn't get stuck. I'd suggest that you use tape. Clay is absolutely not recommended. – Razetime Apr 10 '18 at 9:07

If you cannot deactivate the port in the router setup you need to make it impossible to connect anything.

Besides using tape or glue there are various mechanical devices available that can block Ethernet ports and require special tooling to remove (but they can be removed unlike glue).


If you just want to secure the port somewhat (from a person lacking any tools) you can use a single connector or one cut from an old cable and cut away most of the long part of the latching tab so that it doesn't stick out of the socket any more, and you'd need a small screwdriver or a knife to unlock.

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  • Thank you :) My concern was to do it without harming the port so that i can undo what I have done and use the port – ETHER Apr 12 '18 at 18:15
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    Totally understandable. ;-) – Zac67 Apr 12 '18 at 18:35

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