I am trying to type inside of the equation box in Word in Hebrew (which is right to left language) but the order of the words is reversed.

So if I write the first word the then the best word I want to write will come to the right of the first word instead of to the left as it must.

I tried setting the keyboard in Windows correctly which I guess I have done correctly (only have English with English keyboard and Hebrew with Hebrew keyboard.

I also deleted from office cache plus even the data and options registry in regedit.

Anyone can help me out please?


MS Office applications, including Word, supports right-to-left text entry on a per/paragraph basis.

  • Enable both R->L and L->R languages to view the Left-to-right and Right-to-left paragraph buttons. To do this, set English as the display language in Office, and עִברִית as the display language in Windows, or vice versa.
  • Both the Left-to-right and Right-to-left paragraph buttons should now be visible in MS Word.

MS Word Language direction buttons

That said, the most convenient way to insert a Hebrew word within a block of Latin (or Roman, if you prefer) text is to copy the Hebrew from a R->L paragraph and paste it into the other paragraph (as I've done above). Somehow, the document pastes the letters in the correct order, but if you move the caret near the word, directional control behaves oddly.

See also this Superuser answer.

  • Actually I tried it myself right after writing this question haha Thank you for the answer!!! – Roman Timm Apr 11 '18 at 12:49

Press the "Use non-math text in a math region" button. This works well for Hebrew only text, mixing Hebrew and English/math doesn't work well.

enter image description here

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