is there a way to set the default size of the Windows Volume Mixer? When I open it up it shows up very small with a scrollbar at the bottom, like this (German UI):

enter image description here

So I have to scroll a lot, or adjust the window size, every time I open it. Since I use this a lot, because I have to do volume adjustments to single applications very often, this is quite bothersome. If would be great, if every time I opened this, it would just list all applications without a scrollbar, or it would at least remember the window size I set it to the last time I used it.

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In Windows 10, most windows of this type do not allow width changes. There is no proper way to do so.

However, you can use an app on the Windows store called EarTrumpet, which give you a system tray icon that lists all your applications from top to bottom.

EarTrumpet Snapshot

It allows you to change your audio device through its right-click context menu. I think this will solve your issue.


Can be achieved with AutoHotKey script:

SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx

WinTitle=Volume Mixer.*

Width = %A_ScreenWidth%

Run, SndVol.exe

Loop {
    Sleep, 100

    If (WinExist(WinTitle)) {

WinActivate, %WinTitle%
WinMove, %WinTitle%,, %X%, %Y%, %Width%

Try to run PowerShell commands to change the volume.

Save the commands as a .ps1 file and use Group Policy to set it as a login script.

Detailed commands here:

Windows 10 registry setting for volume control [duplicate]


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