I have a couple of SVN folders in my quick access list, and TortoiseSVN installed. After opening a .zip file using Explorer's built-in viewer, Explorer slows down whenever a file is selected. This problem persists even after navigating away from that .zip to some other place, until a new Explorer window is opened.

This problem also occurs even if you don't open the .zip file, but instead select the file and open the "Compressed Folder Tools" on the ribbon.

It seems like it's trying to repopulate the "Extract to" list everytime a file is selected. I've tried resetting the quick access list using the method in Where are the Win 10 Quick Access settings stored? and confirmed that the slow down no longer occur, until it's populated with SVN folders again.

Meanwhile, I could associate the .zip files with some other zip viewer (7-zip) and avoid the problem altogether, but if possible I'd like to keep the default viewer, for reasons.

Is there a way to avoid the slow down?

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