I have a column of text which are all hyperlinks. I want to copy the text and url into seperate fields.

For Example Cell(A1) has "Apple" (hyperlink to http://www.apple.com)

I want to put the values into D and E

D1 would contain "Apple"

E1 would contain the URL http://www.apple.com

Function GetURL(HyperlinkCell As Range)
    GetURL = Replace(HyperlinkCell.Hyperlinks(1).Address, "file:", "")
End Function

I tried this in ThisWorkbook (VBA) and I got the results as #NAME? in my spreadsheet


You need to place your function in a standard module:

enter image description here

and then it will work:

enter image description here


You have to place your code in a normal module:

  • Right click your project in the VBE
  • Insert: Module
  • (Optionally) give your module a more sensible name

Cut/Paste your code there. It should work just fine then!

To make your intentions a bit more clear, you can extend your function header by explicitly declaring it as a Public function (not stating it will not change anything, but some people then assume it to be implicitly Private) and by setting the return type to String:

Public Function GetURL(HyperlinkCell As Range) as String

As the Hyperlink property only contains strings, there's nothing wrong with making it explicit in your UDF.

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