After the Fall Creator's Update for Windows 10 my Asus Notebook X205TA does not recognize any sound devices anymore.

Windows Troubleshooting in the first run installed a Realtek Codec, but that seems to not have fixed the underlying problem. The next run then recommends restarting to finish driver installations (as if I didn't do that)...
Any subsequent runs just result in the troubleshooting not finding any solutions to the problem.

In the device manager, there is only the Realtek Codec under Sound and Multimedia devices.

In the system devices, the Driver for "Low Power Low Power Engine Audio - Host Bridge - 0F28" seems to have a problem. Unfortunately no newer drivers are available through Windows update.

How can I fix this?


The problem is that the latest chipset drivers are not working correctly.

In this german forum a user recommends downgrading the chipset drivers to version V112, available from the Official ASUS Driver download support site

When installing them, a warning about there being a newer version of the driver installed will appear.
Install the driver and it should work.

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